Learning the New Code

At the end of my recent trip to California, for ‘the coolest sports photography event of the year’ The Sports Shooter Academy [full blog post to follow shortly] I was handed a business card from one of my fellow shooters. Looking at the card in my hand, I see a white square with black squares within it. After a brief pause, and having seen this mysterious square before, I asked Pieter why it was on his card. For those of you that haven’t guessed what I’m talking about yet, it was a QR Code. I had never seen this integrated into a business card before, but what a great idea it is. A quick download of an app onto your iPhone, I use Bakodo, you are ready to scan any code and the information will display on the screen.

There are infinite uses for a QR Code, I see Macy’s using them for advertising. For now, I have simply set up mine to link to this site, but plan to expand on this in the near future.

While many may ask, what does/can technology do for me, I think this is a prime example of how technology is helping people and business be seen and get their message out.

So give my QR Code a scan below, and see how it works for yourself.

Matt Redstone Quick Read Code

You can find Pieter Sienatra and his work at the following links:


Pieter Sientara Port Folio

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Here is my latest upload to my flickr profile.

I was lucky enough to spend a long weekend in Orlando with the girlfriend and had a brilliant time. Particularly liked this capture as it was taken in the middle of Universal Studios. Amongst all the hustle and bustle, and floods of people, there sat this quiet, interrupted space.

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Firing Up the Blog Machine Again

As any of you regular visitors will have seen, my updates have not been nearly as regular as your visits. This was due to a slight change in how I’ve been earning a living for the last year, but as new and exciting things are in the not too distant future, I now plan to revive and renew this blog as both a personal, and professional site.

A new look has also arrived courtesy of a great new wordpress theme created by Matthew Buchanan

I hope that the content will keep you hooked and eagerly anticipating the next instalment.

In the meantime, heres a brief snapshot of what has been occupying both my mind and my time just lately.


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A year goes by too fast.

Well, there is the best part of another year behind us, and ‘oh nine’ will definitely be one we will remember for many years. There are very, very few people that have not been affected in the downturns in the worlds economy this year, with a large casualty being the yachting industry. But just as it has before in this cyclical business, it would appear that the tide is on the turn and there is some good activity in the market. News of a 140m new build contract last week gave a lift to all concerned I’m sure!

I now make my trip back to the UK for the holidays, and will return in the new year.

I wish you all a very merry christmas, and happy and prosperous new year.


Azimut Video – The 8 New Models In 2009

I wanted to share with you one of the latest videos from Azimut Yachts. 2009 Marks the 40th Annivesary of the company that Dr Paolo Vitelli founded in 1969. As part of their continued growth, they have launched 8 New Models in 2009. These are the 100 Leonardo, 88 MY, 78 MY, 74 Magellano, 72S, 53 MY,  40S & 38 MY. Of course, if you are interested in any further information, or purchasing one of The 8 New Models, then please drop me a email mpr@mattredstone.net

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New Azimut Video

I’m very excited to be sharing with you some new Video from Azimut. The yacht featured this time is the new Azimut 72s. The yacht is a continuation of the 103s, being a smaller model at 72′, but an express yacht offering a flybridge. As usual, we see the Italians eye for flair and attention to detail, with some new features like the fact that there is no traditional helm at the flybridge, purely a maneuvering joystick.

As the tag line for the video reads, ‘The Open Reinvented…Again’

You can see the new video below, or see images in my flickr gallery here

Also, you interact with Azimut via the Facebook Page

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New Lone Star Yacht Sales Website

I wanted to share with you something I have been working on for the team at Lone Star Yacht Sales. The had identified their need to update their online presence with a new site. The brief was simple in the respect that they wanted a site that was clean, easy to navigate, and did not overload the viewer with hoards of information.

The site also now has a new address, with a shortened url than previously used www.lsyachts.com

The site gives visitors the ability to search for pre owned vessels worldwide, search for featured listings of LSYS vessels, view photo galleries of their hosted events, and various boat shows worldwide, the site also features some amazing video from Azimut & Lazzara. The brands represented by LSYS, Azimut, Bertram & Lazzara, all have dedicated pages.

The site will still have a few additions to come in the next few weeks, including details of the LSYS charter marketing division.

Please take a minute to visit the site www.lsyachts.com and I would welcome any comments you have.

You can also stay in touch with Lone Star via twitter here

New Lone Star Yacht Sales Website

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