Im not flattered…or am I?

Rich Lazzara once wrote what was a very interesting blog post to me, you can read it here I find myself in a similar situation, and I’m not flattered either…or am I?

I was recently asked to come up with a design/idea for a web banner to be used on a very prominent yacthing website. After giving a lot of time to thinking about what I actually wanted the banner to do, and not wanting to look and read like ‘every other’ banner out there, I came up with a design that worked perfectly. The banner was launched, and worked REALLY well, then the inevitable happened. Not only did new banners start popping up, but using the exact same wording, or very similar takes on it.

Now, web banners are nothing new, and by no means am I trying to imply that I was anything to do with the think tank behind them, but when you see your work being ‘copied’ its a hard pill to swallow.

Now, I said earlier I wasn’t flattered, or was I? This was my first creation of such a banner, and for it to have been so successful, I took great satisfaction in knowing it had worked, now seeing that it has been taken on by others, I can’t help but feel slightly miffed that people are using ‘my creation’, but at the same time gives me the determination to now create yet another design, the again, others may choose to follow, but I will always know where it started.


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