About Me

I am 29 years old, and currently employed full time within the Yacthing industry, while also following my love for photography.

Photography never started out as a career plan for me, I bought the gear I have because I love taking pictures. There is something about framing a single moment that thereafter remains captured for a lifetime, thats where I get my fix.

My main area of interest is Sport, in particular; Rugby, Equestrian, Football, Golf, Cricket and most Motor Sports.

On the personal side, my other vice to photography is motor sport, I follow formula one with a passion. The advances in engineering are phenomenal, and I have the upmost respect for the discipline and skill of the drivers. Although I don’t as much as I should,I try very hard to make sure that I’m in the best shape and health I can be, OK, so I cheat at times, but make a good effort. Personal presentation is very high on my list, and am a firm believer that how you dress and present yourself is very important. When I was younger I had a spell as a DJ at a nightclub in the UK, my iPod is full of classic and recent house music.

You can view my work, find out more about me and get in touch via the following tools.

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