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Learning the New Code

At the end of my recent trip to California, for ‘the coolest sports photography event of the year’ The Sports Shooter Academy [full blog post to follow shortly] I was handed a business card from one of my fellow shooters. Looking at the card in my hand, I see a white square with black squares within it. After a brief pause, and having seen this mysterious square before, I asked Pieter why it was on his card. For those of you that haven’t guessed what I’m talking about yet, it was a QR Code. I had never seen this integrated into a business card before, but what a great idea it is. A quick download of an app onto your iPhone, I use Bakodo, you are ready to scan any code and the information will display on the screen.

There are infinite uses for a QR Code, I see Macy’s using them for advertising. For now, I have simply set up mine to link to this site, but plan to expand on this in the near future.

While many may ask, what does/can technology do for me, I think this is a prime example of how technology is helping people and business be seen and get their message out.

So give my QR Code a scan below, and see how it works for yourself.

Matt Redstone Quick Read Code

You can find Pieter Sienatra and his work at the following links:


Pieter Sientara Port Folio

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Thunderstorm Genius

In my daily internet journey to many of my favorite blogs and forums I came across this amazing video via a design agency’s blog I am a fan of 80’s music, the featured song being a favourite of mine, but more than that I always respect talent, skill and genius. This group cover all three. I am always fascinated as to where people get their inspiration from, weather it be in the design of a yacht, idea or creation such as this. To simulate a thunderstorm using nothing but hands and feet really impressed me beyond belief. As it said in the original post where I found this “Close your eyes and you’ll have a job to tell it’s not the real thing!” It was performed by a group from Slovenia called Perpetuum Jazzile.

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The Wonders of Technology

So I’m in the office on a Saturday, and thought I would share some weekend fun with you all. Found this earlier on youtube and had to post it. I know there has been some skepticism as to if this is real or not, but either way, from my point of view, its either and amazing feat of technology or even a very clever marketing tool!

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Britain From Above

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I found this video on the BBC website, and it’s simply amazing. I had always wondered what it would be like to see shipping traffic from above, and now I have my answer.

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Rich Lazzara – Hundreds of Horns Video

As with tradition, Miami show ended with the sounding of the yachts horns. I was between the Benetti and Azimut displays at the time, but luckily Rich was able to catch it on film, heres the link

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I’m not an engineer, but you have to respect anybody that takes this much pride in their work!




I’ve always been a huge fan of the rolls, but I think they’ve exceeded their own phenomenally high levels of style and quality with this new drop head coupe. The wood bridges a nice gap between marine and automobile!

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